Recent and upcoming projects. Central Park: The Early Years, published 2017. Nathan Hale image for Patreon subscribers. Parrish’s River at Ascutney, from an upcoming talk/book on artist-entrepreneurs. Leonardo’s Woman with Ermine, from an upcoming book on innovators in painting. Stele of Aristonautes (image Marsyas / Wikipedia), from an upcoming book on Greek art and philosophy. Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography and Alexander Hamilton: A Friend to America (2 volumes), published 2017.

As an art historian I’m a passionate amateur. I love looking at art, thinking about art, and helping other people have a blast looking at it, too. I offer private tours of New York City art, post regularly on art-related topics (see the Obsessions tag cloud at lower right), and have a stack of books and essays on Amazon, on this site (in reverse chronological order), and on ForgottenDelights.com.

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