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Recent and upcoming projects. Central Park: The Early Years, published 2017. Nathan Hale image for Patreon subscribers. Parrish’s River at Ascutney, from an upcoming book on artist-entrepreneurs. Leonardo’s Woman with Ermine, from an upcoming book on innovators in painting. Stele of Aristonautes (image Marsyas / Wikipedia), from an upcoming book on Greek art and philosophy. Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography and Alexander Hamilton: A Friend to America (2 volumes), published 2017.

What I do and why I do it

I constantly seek out art that’s inspiring, thought-provoking, skillfully executed, and/or beautiful so I can share it (in jargon-free language) with others who need and enjoy such art, but who don’t have time to search for it themselves. As an independent scholar, writer, and lecturer, I focus on art history and history, with forays into food, history, politics, and publishing.

For my publications, see Amazon and the Books and Essays page of this site. (The material from ForgottenDelights.com has been shifted to this site.) I also offer private tours of New York City art.

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