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I constantly seek out art that’s inspiring, thought-provoking, skillfully executed, and/or beautiful so I can share it (in jargon-free language) with others who need and enjoy such art, but don’t have time to search it out. Ayn Rand described art as emotional fuel. My goal – and my selfish pleasure! – is to help you find more of that fuel and use it more efficiently.

You have several options for getting such art delivered to your inbox every week.

1. Free: Three Sunday Recommendations

Every Sunday morning I send three art-related suggestions to my free email list. Want to see if your taste agrees with mine? Check out my favorites from 2017 and favorites from 2018, and the images in this video. I don’t expect to bat a thousand, but judging from the high open rate and low unsubscribe rate, I’m striking a chord with many people. Testimonials are at the end of this page.

Membership on the Sunday Recommendations list is free: just email and ask to be added to the list. NOTE: I do not share my email list with anyone, ever.

2. Support My Work Monthly: Four Weekly Recommendations, Compilation, & More

You can support me with recurring payments via this button

You can change your recurring payment at any time by clicking the Leave a Tip link and then “manage payments” at the foot of the pop-up window. Tip Jar WP processes payments via Stripe, a major processor of mobile payments, very secure.

NOTE: Although I’ve had a successful Patreon account since 2017, I’m phasing it out because Patreon takes 4% more in fees than Tip Jar WP. Also, Patreon has a strict policy on visuals. Posting a photo of Michelangelo’s David on Patreon might well get me an Adult Content label.

The reward levels for supporters are:

  • $2 per month: Four art-related recommendations on the first Sunday of the month.
  • $5 per month: Four art-related recommendations every week, plus access to a compilation of all past recommendations and of the videos of the week’s blog post and Sunday Recommendations. If you pay for a year in advance, the price is $55 rather than $60.
  • $10 per month: All the above, plus each month, a downloadable high-res image of a sculpture and a related quote. If you pay for a year in advance, the price is $110 rather than $120.
  • $25 per month: All the above, and your name as a patron on the About page of this site. If you pay a year in advance, the price is $260 rather than $300.
  • $100 per month: All the above, and your name will appear in the acknowledgements of my next book. If you pay in advance, the price is $1,000 rather than $1,200.
  • $200 or more per month: All the above, and we’ll do your choice of any tour listed here, in New York City or via Skype – whichever suits both of us. You must have a minimum of four months of patronage at this level to qualify. Offer expires if you cancel or downgrade.

If you’d prefer to send a check rather than make a mobile payment, email and I’ll give you a mailing address.

One-Time Tips Are Also Welcome!

… and they help me decide what to work on in the future. If you find a post particularly helpful or delightful, send a one-time tip and tell me ( which post prompted you to do so. Tips can be sent via the Leave a Tip link or via the Paypal link, both of which are on the right sidebar under “Say ‘Well done, Dianne!'”


Just have to tell you that I continue to enjoy very much much of the art, leads, etc., that you send my way. I don’t get to peruse it as often as I’d like, but when I do – boy, it does me a world of good. — Tara Smith, professor at U. Texas – Austin

Just a quick note to say that, while I don’t always respond to your mailings, I always enjoy hearing your thoughts on art. I share your admiration of Saint Gaudens and the Sherman …– Michael Wilkinson, sculptor

I devour and love each of your postings, not just Hamilton. You do outstanding work, Dianne! – Rand Scholet, Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

Dianne is fabulous. I could listen to her talk about art, honestly, for a month. Dianne, I love you, I want to come hang out with you … I was completely mesmerized by everything she had to say. – Linda Cordair of Quent Cordair Fine Art

I LOVED your presentation this morning!!! I keep your presentations so I can reread them but this one is very special. What a pleasure to read, and to reread!! – Ro F.

Love the poem. Will use w/creative writing group. – Marian C.

Thank you for getting my motor started this morning. – Eric K.

Goosebumps when I read, “I’d prefer To fail while acting rightly, rather than to win by doing evil.” Thanks for the great email newsletters!! – Chris B.

Of all the places I could send a ‘sawbuck’ every month, yours is my favourite. – Earl G.

Sunday mornings would be incomplete without your weekly recommendations. – Hank L.

Thank you so much for sharing these great values. – Catherine D.

Please keep me on your list forever! No need to ever ask me again:) – Liz I.

I greatly love this poem by Kavafy and your translation of it! – Thomas H.

Once again, in “Politics and Portrait Sculptures,” you’ve driven clearly to the heart of how to discuss the issues. And your insights have instructed and reminded me clearly of why I love sculpture. Thank you! – Carrie R.

You remind me of the unsinkable Molly Brown, played by Debbie Reynolds in the film of the same title: cheerful, indefatigable, relentlessly seeking values & blasting through blockhouses to find them. Unsinkable. Of all you offer in your Sunday emails, it is that which I find most precious. And most generous. – Steve B.

So far I have shared your most recent free email recommendations with two friends, and at least two others will soon get a notification in their inboxes. My motivation for doing this is not getting the [Henry Kitchell] Webster story (though I certainly look forward to reading it) but rather is the desire to have my friends receive at least some of the added sunshine in their lives that your recommendations give me. – Bruce V.

Always a pleasure to get your posts (even though I’m usually behind). A wonderful pick me up ! – Stacey H.

Carry on the great work. – John M.


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