Confused about types of publishing? See a comparison of traditional, print-on-demand, and Kindle publishing.

NOTE: This is still my guide to publishing my own ebooks on Kindle, but it was published in 2012, and I haven’t kept it up-to-date. I unpublished it from Amazon’s Kindle store on 1/7/2018. If you’re interested in a copy, email me at

The goal of this book

Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing
Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing

Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing is a guide to formatting text and illustrations for sale as an Amazon Kindle book. It’s geared toward those of us who would rather be writing books than writing computer code. It includes step-by-step instructions for collecting Kindle-specific material and for formatting text via Kindle-friendly styles – a major time-saver.

Ignore the sections that are irrelevant to your work, do the bulleted items in the sections that are relevant, work through the final checklist, and you’re ready to upload. Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing will help you turn your book into a Kindle book as quickly and efficiently as possible – whether you’re publishing the Great American Novel, a scholarly monograph, or a political diatribe. Go to Amazon’s listing and click Look Inside to read the first 10% for free.

Table of Contents

The book also has a 4-level, all-encompassing table of contents. But here’s the essence:

  • Introduction: Ebook Design 101, Seven Facts and Best Practices
  • Chapter 1: Publishing a Kindle Book
  • Chapter 2: What You Need to Convert Your Book into Kindle Format
  • Chapter 3: Set Up a Seller’s Account with Amazon
  • Chapter 4: Elements of a Kindle Book
  • Chapter 5: Set Up a Word Template for Kindle Formatting
  • Chapter 6: Preparing the Main Text for Kindle
  • Chapter 7: Challenges to Resolve Before Formatting the Text Chapter
  • Chapter 8: Create Kindle-Specific Items for Your Book
  • Chapter 9: Assemble Your Kindle Book
  • Chapter 10: Apply Formatting to the Text
  • Chapter 11: Place Images and Captions
  • Chapter 12: Create a Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Chapter 13: Insert Bookmarks for Kindle Guide Items
  • Chapter 14: Final Checks in Word
  • Chapter 15: Save Word Document
  • Chapter 16: Save Word Document as Filtered HTML
  • Chapter 17: Save Filtered HTML Files to Zipped Folder
  • Chapter 18: Upload Book to Amazon
  • Chapter 19: Preview and Revise
  • Chapter 20: Publish Your Book
  • Chapter 21: Revisions after Publication
  • Chapter 22: Getting Started on Promotion
  • Appendix 1: Working with Styles in Word
  • Appendix 2: Creating a Word-Generated Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Appendix 3: The Four-Level, All-Encompassing Table of Contents
  • About the Author, Dianne L. Durante
  • Sample: Getting More Enjoyment from Art You Love
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