Brookgreen Gardens, November 2018 (2)

Brookgreen Gardens, November 2018 (2)

Over the next  few months, I’ll be posting photos taken at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, S.C. Although the gardens are not at their most beautiful in November, the sculptures are always wonderful! For more on Brookgreen, see the first post in this series.

Augustus Saint Gaudens, Diana

The Metropolitan Museum owns a cast of Diana, but at Brookgreen, the sculpture has its own space – almost as much as the original atop the first Madison Square Garden. This bronze is one of a series of six commissioned by the Madison Square Garden Corporation for its centennial in 1979; they were cast from a Portland cement version of Diana that Saint-Gaudens presented to Stanford White in 1894. Height of sculpture: 8.5 feet. 

Laura Gardin Fraser, Pegasus

Pegasus, representing inspiration, carries an artist on his back. I find this one impressive rather than moving, but still worth looking at. This granite sculpture, the largest at Brookgreen Gardens, took from 1946 to 1954 to complete. It’s 15’3″ feet high. The sculptor (1889-1996) studied at the Art Students’ League in New York with James Earle Fraser, whom she later married.

Edward Francis McCartan, Dionysus

Sculpted 1923; this enlarged gilt-bronze version for Brookgreen, sculpted in 1936, is 6.25 feet high.

Wheeler Williams, Black Panthers

Sculpted in 1933, these bronze panthers were silver-plated (now oxidized to black) and had green lacquer eyes. Each one of the pair of panthers is 2 feet high, 4.25 feet long. Among the many other works by Williams (1897-1972) is Venus and Manhattan at 980 Madison Avenue (76th Street), formerly the home of Sotheby Parke Bernet. 


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