Favorite Photos of 2018

One of my hobbies is snapping photos as I take long walks around New York City. These are my favorites from 2018. All are copyright © 2018 Dianne L. Durante.

Lower Manhattan

A “Working Girl” moment: lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry.
Viking ship at World Financial Center Marina.
Washington (by John Quincy Adams Ward) overlooking the New York Stock Exchange and its giant Christmas tree.
240 Centre St., formerly the NYPD headquarters, now the Police Building Apartments.
Manhattan Bridge and One Manhattan Square.


Window of Carnegie Hall.
Hudson Yards, November 2018. The Vessel (that sort of honeycomb at center) will be opening to pedestrians in early 2019.
Hudson Yards, November 2018. These buildings are remarkably photogenic!
Saks Fifth Avenue facade, December 2018. Photo copyright © 2018 Dianne L. Durante
Rockefeller Center. Photo copyright © 2018 Dianne L. Durante

Exotic Brooklyn

Recent construction on Kent St., Brooklyn, near the Williamsburg Bridge.

Exotic Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Harriet Hyatt Mayor, Girl with Fish, before 1900. Brookgreen Gardens.
Marshall Maynard Fredericks, Mother & Baby Bear, 1964. Brookgreen Gardens.
Richard McDermott Miller, Wind on Water, 1992. Brookgreen Gardens.


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