These are the references for Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography, by Dianne L. Durante. This biography is a stand-alone, 92-page work that includes cross-references to all the topics covered in the two volumes of Alexander Hamilton: A Friend to America. For more on the Hamilton triple-decker (including a 40% discount offer), see this post.

Title-page verso

Page 2 About the author

Page 2 Amazon Author Page for Dianne L. Durante

Chapter 1, Introduction: History Geek Meets Fangirl

Page 5 Founders Online

Page 5 Library of America edition of Hamilton’s writings

Page 5 Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton, 2004

Page 5 Michael E. Newton’s Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years, 2015

Page 5 Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

Page 6  soundtrack to Hamilton: An American Musical

Page 7: upcoming public tours and how to arrange a private tour

Chapter 2: Hamilton’s Early Life, 1757-1786

Page 9: Michael E. Newton’s Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

Page 10: To Edward Stevens, 11/11/1769: more here

Page 11: The “Hurricane Letter,” 9/6/1772: more here

Page 12 Seabury, Free Thoughts

Pages  12, 14, 15: Vindication: more here

Page 15 To John Jay, 11/26/1775: more here

Page 17 Continentalist no. 1

Page 21 Lee testified at his court martial;view=1up;seq=11

Page 21 to Elizabeth Schuyler 9/1780: more here

Page 23 To Richard Kidder Meade, 8/27/1782: more here

Page 25 Kent on Hamilton,+ardent,+energetic,+and+overflowing+with+an+exuberance&source=bl&ots=H8-vSnPmRz&sig=_KSLeUEONTjxN3Ty4P44bOqDSCc&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-tqOU6aXQAhXM4SYKHXN7BxsQ6AEIIDAB#v=onepage&q&f=false

Page 26 population had dropped by half

Page 27 Horton, “Alexander Hamilton: Slavery and Race in a Revolutionary Generation”

Chapter 3: Constitutional Convention and Federalist Papers, 1787-1788

Page 29 The Continentalist 1, 7/12/1781: more here

Page 31 Federalist 11, 11/24/1787: more here

Page 32 Federalist 22, 12/14/1787: more here

Page 32 Federalist 84, 5/28/1788: more here

Pages 33, 34 Both excerpts: First speech of 6/21/1788, more here

Chapter 4: Secretary of the Treasury, 1789-1795

Pages  41, 43 First Report on Public Credit

Page  45 Report on a National Bank

Page 46 Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank

Page 47 Report on the Establishment of a Mint 

Page 47 Report on a National Bank: more here

Page 48 Report on Manufactures

Page 48 stimulus for Congress’s request to Hamilton for a report on manufacturing (Quoted here)

Pages 48, 49 Report on Manufactures: more here

Page 49 building infrastructure such as roads and canals (here, section IV.J)  (Hamilton: A Friend to America, Chapter 60)

Page 50 Report on Manufactures

Page 50 Douglas A. Irwin, “The Aftermath of Hamilton’s ‘Report on Manufactures,’ National Bureau of Economic Research, 2003

Page 51 Federalist 23 (12/18/1787): more here

Pages 51, 52 Report on Manufactures: more here

Page 54 To the Marquis de Lafayette, 10/6/1789: more here

Page 55 Jefferson to William Short, 1/3/1793: more here

Page 56 To Edward Carrington, 5/26/1792: more here

Page 56 To Washington, April 1794: more here

Page 57 To Madison 11/18/1788

Page 58 Fleming’s eye-opening The Great Divide: The Conflict Between Washington and Jefferson That Defined a Nation

Page 59 Washington 2/2/1795: more here

Chapter 5: Later Life, 1795-1804

Page 60 Washington’s seventh annual message to Congress

Page 60 Washington’s Farewell Address

Page 61 Gallatin to Jefferson, quoted in Chernow, p. 647

Page 62 Washington to Adams: more here,+but+it+is+of+that+laudable&source=bl&ots=_AQUtHs1CI&sig=zvDyQzOFnRrXPZLooc9vkSVLcnI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiMjOqOrKTQAhVFySYKHUVoDKQQ6AEIIjAB#v=onepage&q&f=false

Page 63 To John Jay 5/7/1800: more here

Page 64 To Theodore Sedgwick, 5/10/1800: more here

Page 65 To John Rutledge, Jr., 1/4/1801, enclosure: more here

Page 66 Croswell case: more here

Page 67 Freeman’s Affairs of Honor: National Politics in the New Republic

Page 67  7/10/1804; more here

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Page 72 Richard Sylla summed it up nicely in 1998

Chapter 7: Sculptures of Hamilton in Manhattan

Page 74 Margot Gayle and Michele Cohen, The Art Commission and Municipal Society Guide to Manhattan’s Outdoor Sculpture (Prentice Hall, 1988)

Page 74 Smithsonian Institution Research Information System’s Inventory of American Sculpture

Page 74 D.M. Reynolds, Monuments and Masterpieces (Thames & Hudson, 1988)

Page 74 Dianne L. Durante, Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide (New York University Press, 2007)

Page 75 A model of this sculpture

Page 77 Ceracchi bust of Hamilton

Page 77 copy of bust at the New-York Historical Society

Page 77 Depew in the New York Times, 11/20/1880: more here

Page 77 Museum of American Finance

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