These are the references for Alexander Hamilton: A Friend to America, volume 1, available on Amazon here. This is the first of two heavily illustrated volumes that stitch together a picture of Hamilton’s life and times from his own writings and those of George Washington, Eliza, the Marquis de Lafayette, James Madison, and other contemporaries. The references for volume 2 (covering 1783 to 1804) are here. Both these volumes are companions to Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography, a stand-alone, 92-page work that includes cross-references to all the topics covered here.

For more on the Hamilton triple-decker (including a 40% discount offer), see this post.

page 2 For more on the author, visit

page 2 Amazon Author Page for Dianne L. Durante


page 5 Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography

page 5 Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton

page 5 Hamilton: An American Musical

Chapter 1: My World Turned Upside Down

page 6 “Alexander Hamilton”

page 9 Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide


page 9 Monuments of Manhattan samples on the web

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Chapter 2: The Hurricane Letter, 1772

page 10 “Alexander Hamilton”

page 14 see here for notes

Chapter 3: Aaron Burr (1756-1836)

page 16 here

page 16 Gore Vidal’s Burr

page 17 American National Biography

page 17 “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

page 18 Eliza Bowen Jumel

page 18 Morris-Jumel Mansion

page 18 National Archives Founders Online

Chapter 4: John Laurens (1754-1782)

page 20 Ayn Rand, who rejected racism

page 22 “Your Dutiful Son, John Laurens”

page 23 selection of Laurens’s letters

page 23 Founders Archive

Chapter 5: Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834)

page 25 Well worth reading, here

page 26 Letter of Lafayette to George Washington, 3/15/1792, from George Washington, The Writings (1858), v. 10, p. 502-4

page 27 imprisonment at Olmutz

page 27 The Young Rebels

page 27 Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide


page 27 Monuments of Manhattan: see note for Ch. 1, p. 9

page 28 NYC Parks Dept. page here

page 28 Daily Beast article here

page 28 Green in Morristown, New Jersey

page 28 StudioEIS

Chapter 6: Hercules Mulligan (1740-1825)

page 31 letter of 11/26/1775

page 32 Dr. Cooper’s description

page 34 Founders Online

page 34 Fox News

page 34 The Daily Beast

page 34 Irish emigrants

page 34 New York Journal

page 34 Chernow

page 34 Hamilton’s letter to John Jay on mobs

Chapter 7: Hamilton-Related Places to Visit

page 35 New York Times article of 3/6/16

page 37 the Grange

page 39 PDF on

page 39 excerpt from Outdoor Monuments

page 39 Monuments of Manhattan app: samples on the web

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page 39 “More” page for Hamilton in Central Park

page 39 “More” page for Hamilton near the Grange

page 43 Monuments of Manhattan: see notes to page 39

page 43 Jefferson here and here


page 43 For more on this sculpture [Hamilton at MCNY], see ForgottenDelights

page 43 Museum of American Finance

page 43 see Hamilton (without Burr)

page 43 Morristown Green

page 43 Paterson Great Falls

page 44 Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

page 44 Wikipedia article on NCC

page 44 Wikimedia page on NCC

page 44 NCC’s site

page 44 Kristen Visbal

page 44 this page

page 47 Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Art Inventories Catalog

page 47 Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography

page 47 Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan


page 47 Monuments of Manhattan: samples on the web

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page 47 handy list is here

page 47 Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography

Chapter 8: Hamilton’s First Published Political Writing, 1774

page 49 Founders Online

page 50 Founders Online

page 51 Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

page 51 This article has fascinating details

page 51 horse’s tail

page 51 New-York Historical Society

page 52 sketched reconstruction

page 52 modern reconstruction (3D!) see this post

page 52 “Shook Ones Part 2”

page 52 lyrics here

page 52 “Going Back to Cali”

page 52 “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught”

page 52 “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees”

page 53 literary devices

page 53 “Vitamins, Minerals, and Harry Potter”

page 53 discussion of “sense of life” by Ayn Rand

page 53 Hamilton: The Revolution

Chapter 9: Hamilton’s Death Wish, Revisited

page 55 Chernow’s Hamilton

page 55 Newton

page 58 Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

page 58 Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

page 58 Internationalism

Chapter 10: Wait

page 59 the Wayback Machine

Chapter 11: Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, 1776


page 60 Vindication

page 61 Lee’s letter

page 62 Adams’s letter

page 62 Writings of George Washington

page 64 More here (Adams)

page 64 Patriots: The Men Who Started the American Revolution

page 64 Project Gutenberg

page 70 Thomas Paine National Historical Association

page 70 excellent blog post by Daytonian in Manhattan

page 70 blog post by Forgotten New York

Chapter 12: Angelica Schuyler (1756-1814)

page 72 Washington Crossing the Delaware

page 72 portrait in the New-York Historical Society

page 73 Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence

page 73 Trumbull’s Washington Before the Battle of Trenton

page 73 Trumbull’s Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown

page 73 J.P. Morgan Chase

page 74 An Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton

page 75 This one from Hamilton, dated 12/6/1787

page 76 More here (Jefferson to Angelica)

page 76 this letter of 12/4/1798

page 76 This site claims

page 76 A Guide to the Papers of Angelica Schuyler Church;query=;

page 77 elegant 17th-century teapot

page 77 American National Biography

page 77 Chernow

page 77 Newton

page 77 GQueues

page 77 on this WordPress site

page 77 “Muse and Confidante”

page 77 charming fangirl blog post

page 77 “More Between Heaven and Earth”

page 77 Salon-Sanctuary

page 77 the jaw-droppingly beautiful costumes

Chapter 13: New York, New York (1624-1783)

page 79 Shorto

page 80 for more than a very few days. (More here): I cannot find the source of this quote. It is driving me mad.

page 82 Nathan Hale

page 83 New York after the British evacuation (pics here)

page 83 AIA Guide to New York City

page 84 Ellis’s The Epic of New York City

page 85 Daytonian in Manhattan

page 85 this chilling description

page 86 Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument

page 86 Morris-Jumel Mansion

page 87 Hessian Hut

page 87 Daytonian in Manhattan

page 88 forms here

page 88 Articles of Capitulation

page 88 interview with historian David McCullough

page 88 Shorto’s Island at the Center of the World

page 88 Ellis’s The Epic of New York City

page 88 Gotham: A History of New York to 1898

page 88 handy list is here

Chapter 14: Hamilton vs. Seabury, 1774-1775

page 89 Free Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Continental Congress

page 89 Full Vindication

page 94 Library of America edition of Hamilton’s works

page 95 one of his more famous letters

page 95 American National Biography

page 95 this article


Chapter 15: A Revue of Royal & Revolutionary Rhetoric, 1756-1776

page 96 Journal of George Washington

page 96 Battle of Kunersdorf ttps://

page 97 Stamp Act

page 97 Declaratory Act

page 98 Townshend Acts

page 98 Captain Preston

page 98 anonymous report printed in Boston

page 99 Sons of Liberty in Boston,%20the%20detested%20T%20E%20A%20shipped%20for%20this%20port%20by%20the%20East%20India%20Company,&f=false

page 99 surrounding it here

page 100 Benjamin Franklin quote

page 100 states the rights

page 100 The Farmer Refuted

page 101 Congress to George Washington

page 101 Olive Branch Petition

page 101 different musical

page 101 Proclamation of Rebellion

page 102 King elaborates on the Proclamation of Rebellion

page 103 Constitutional Congress responds

page 104 Paine’s pamphlet is here

page 105 full text here

page 106 letter of abdication

page 106 Boston Tea Party Opera

Chapter 16: Hamilton Joins Washington’s Staff, 1776

page 108 Washington to Hancock

page 109 Washington wrote to Congress

page 110 aides-de-camp

page 110 Paul Johnson’s brief biography of Washington

page 110 Ford Mansion

page 111 charming illustration

page 111 Addison’s Cato

page 111 credited with inspiring famous lines,_a_Tragedy

page 111 Pergamon exhibition

page 112 opposition to the theater here

page 112 Mount Vernon

page 112 StudioEIS

page 112 “Coming Soon to Mount Vernon, 3 Georges”

page 112 “Putting a Face on the First President”

page 112 This video shows the lyrics

page 112 the 1983 movie

page 112 Ruddigore

Chapter 17: The Battle of Long Island and the American Retreat, 1776

page 113 Lord Howe’s HMS Eagle is top right. More here

page 114 full text here

page 115 glacial moraine in Brooklyn

page 116 that song

page 116 animated here

page 117 Old Stone House

page 118 online here

page 119 monument to the Maryland 400

page 120 Go. Washington (more here)

page 120 my most sincere wish (more here)

page 120 Morris-Jumel Mansion

page 121 British Headquarters Map

page 122 Your Most Obedt Sert. (More here)

page 122 Flexner’s biography of Washington

page 122 McCullough’s 1776

page 122 Honor and Liberties of their Country (More here)

page 124 Go. Washington (More here)

Chapter 18: Hamilton as a Bachelor and Meeting Elizabeth Schuyler, 1777-1780

page 125 William Livingston

page 125 May 24, 1797; quoted here

page 126 Find-a-Grave

page 128 Alexr. Hamilton (More here)

page 130 A Hamilton (More here)

page 130 James McHenry in 1782,+of+either+sex&source=bl&ots=vgFSk4rdkI&sig=twnPI3wvownvOhGj6a_HBqxVm5Y&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR2_LSs_DMAhVMWx4KHV2GAgAQ6AEIHzAA#v=onepage&q=charms%20in%20all%20companies.%20no%20one%20has%20seen%20her%2C%20of%20either%20sex&f=false

page 131 Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton at Museum of the City of New York.

page 133 what survives is here

page 133 Ph. Schuyler (More here)

page 135 assurances of their love (More here)

page 135 Much Ado About Nothing

page 135 See this site

Chapter 19: Alexander and Eliza’s Engagement and Wedding, 1780

page 137 Adieu my love (More here)

page 138 Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton,+true,&source=bl&ots=MbbrdJa6pO&sig=w3aXrvSUg1UJwsrtCo1grnMeXuE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwighpnn54vNAhXLdj4KHcllD1UQ6AEIPDAH#v=onepage&q&f=false

page 141 first opportunity (More here)

page 143 A Hamilton (More here)

page 145 A Hamilton (More here)

page 145 each other (More here)

page 146 Adieu, A Hamilton … (More here)

page 146 Yr. Excellys. Obed ser A Hamilton (More here)

page 147 Ivory miniature in embroidered mat, Columbia University

page 147 Go: Washington (More here)

page 147 Hamilton: The Revolution

Chapter 20: Hamilton Asks for a Military Command, 1780

page 150 A. Hamilton (More here)

page 151 Quoted here

page 152 La Fayette (More here)

page 153 “Meet Me Inside”

page 153 Valiant Ambition

page 153 recent article

page 154 Library of Congress

Chapter 21: Young Philip, 1782

page 155 Have a listen [“Dear Theodosia”]

page 156 A Hamilton (More here)

Chapter 22: General Charles Lee, 1773-1777, and Valley Forge, 1777-1778

page 157 Valiant Ambition

page 158 Inscription is transcribed here

page 159 without me … (More here)

page 160 vanished. (More here)

page 160 their Aid. (More here)

page 161 Capture of Major General Charles Lee by the British

page 162 George H. Moore’s 1860 publication

page 162 document and background here

page 162 read the rest: here

page 164 relieve or prevent (More here)

page 164 “fall flat down.” (More here)

page 165 Valiant Ambition

Chapter 23: The Battle of Monmouth, June 1778

page 167 Dr General Yours (More here)

page 167 serving under him (More here)

page 168 that gentleman’s character (More here)

page 168 near Englishtown (letter here)

page 169 before-mentioned defile (More here)

page 171 Charles Lee (More here)

page 171 Go: Washington (More here)

page 171 Charles Lee (More here)

page 172 Go: Washington (More here)

page 175 silence at midnight

page 178 unpardonable (More here)

page 178 Molly Pitcher

page 179 Joseph Plumb Martin

Chapter 24: Charles Lee on Trial, July-August 1778

page 179 full transcript is here;view=1up;seq=11

page 180 printed transcript of the Lee court-martial;view=1up;seq=11

page 187 Lee’s court martial (full text as PDF);view=1up;seq=11

Chapter 25: A Modern Hamilton Portrait

page 188 auction in Philadelphia, at Freeman’s

page 188 Zenos’s website here

page 188 full 3-D effect is here

page 189 Freedom details

Chapter 26: Meanwhile: Aaron Burr, 1778-1783

page 191 Memoirs of Aaron Burr

page 192 A. Burr (More here)

page 192 do your duty (More here, n.1)

page 192 adversity (More here),%20conjecture,%20and%20calumny&f=false

page 193 Burr’s courtship is here

page 193 WikiTree

page 193 on the site of the Hermitage

page 193 home is a museum: the Hermitage

Chapter 27: Dueling Codes, Part 1

page 194 PBS page on the “Code Duello”

page 196 under the title The Duelling Code

page 196 Some Short and Useful Reflections upon Duelling

page 196 The Only Approved Guide through All Stages of a Quarrel

page 198 publishing reprints

page 198 PBS page

page 198 The Code of Honor

page 198 American Quarterly Review

page 198 Personal Sketches of His Own Times

page 200 PBS page on the Code Duello

page 201 dealer in old and rare books (Richard C. Ramer)

page 201 Thimm, Complete Bibliography of Fencing and Duelling

page 201 Levi and Gelli, Bibliografia del Duello

page 202 WorldCat

page 202 ViaLibri

page 202 Hamiltome

page 202 “Ten Duel Commandments”

page 202 “Ten Crack Commandments”: listen here

page 202 read lyrics here

Chapter 28: Dueling Codes, Part 2

page 203 “The Ten Duel Commandments”

page 203 Essai sur le duel

page 204 Down the River;idno=APF7327

page 204 The Code of Honor, or, Rules for the Government of Principals

page 205 Sabine’s Notes on Duelling;view=1up;seq=7;size=75

page 206 “The Coward”

page 208 Hamiltome

page 208 Freeman, Affairs of Honor

page 208 History of Duelling

page 208 The Romance of Duelling

page 208 Down the River, or Practical Lessons in the Code Duello;idno=APF7327

page 208 Gentlemen’s Blood: A Thousand Years of Sword and Pistol

Chapter 29: The Lee-Laurens Duel, 1778-1779

page 210 Collections of the New-York Historical Society for the Year 1873, cited as “NYHS Publication Fund Series 6”

page 210 Freeman, Affairs of Honor

page 210 Washington: A Life

page 210 Lee Court Martial;view=1up;seq=11

page 211  NYHS Publication Fund Series 6

page 213 NYHS Publication Fund Series 6

page 214 silence (More here)

page 214 NYHS Publication Fund Series 6

page 216 Life and Correspondence of Joseph Reed

page 216 Valiant Ambition

page 216 NYHS Publication Fund Series 6

page 216 Freeman’s Affairs of Honor

page 218 of this nature (Letter here)

page 219 NYHS Publication Fund Series 6

page 220 NYHS Publication Fund Series 6

page 221 Washington’s Secret War’ve%20stopped%20the%20damned%20rascal’s%20tongue%20anyhow&f=false

Chapter 30: Hamilton Resigns from Washington’s Staff, 1781

page 223 Annotated letter here

page 226 Founders Archive version

page 227 (Rest of letter here)

page 228 Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

page 229 A. Hamilton (More here)

page 229 “Alexander Hamilton: Man and Musical” tour

Chapter 31: Hamilton Tackles Economics, Summer 1781

page 232 placed upon them (More here)

page 232 Newton, Hamilton

page 232 Marquis de Lafayette had recommended

page 232 nominated by Sullivan

page 232 seconded by Lafayette

page 232 letter of 2/4/1781

page 233 divinations to yourself (More here)

page 233 called the line (More here)

page 234 merit and abilities (More here)

page 234 made it so (More here)

page 234 importunity (More here)

page 235 Trade and Commerce (letter here)

page 235 letter on finances

page 235 letter to James Duane

page 236 his 4/30/1781 letter to Morris

page 239 upon these points (More here)

page 239 Robt. Morris (More here)

page 240 Whole issue here

page 241 Whole issue here

page 242 Yr. A Hamilton (More here)

Chapter 32: French Aid, 1775-1781

page 244 Treaty of Alliance

page 244 Treaty of Amity and Commerce

page 247 whatsoever with him (More here)

page 247 9/26/1780; more here

page 248 to sollicit (More here)

page 249 my duty (More here)

page 250 Go: Washington (More here)

page 251 Schwerin; quoted here

page 253 Virginia (More here)

page 253 National Park Service

page 253 Museum of the American Revolution

page 253 Xenophon Group

Chapter 33: Alexander and Eliza’s Rings, Handkerchiefs, and Wedding Cake

page 255 Rare Books and Manuscripts Library

page 255 Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

Chapter 34: Yorktown: August to Early October 1781

page 258 appearance of defeat (quoted here)

page 258 James McHenry

page 260 hear the worst (Quoted here)

page 260 Journal of Colonel Daniel Trabue

page 261 Adieu A Hamilton (More here)

page 262 U.S. Army Heritage site

page 263 Revolutionary War cannon

page 263 howitzer

page 263 mortar

page 263 cannon ball (More here)

page 263 this 1814 image

page 263 whoever it hits (More here, p. 112)

page 264 bursting of our shells (More here)

page 264 huge slaughter (More here)

page 265 shotgun blast (search “grape shot”)

page 265 shot off (Quoted here),+whose+heads,+arms,+and+legs&source=bl&ots=NSJmgXNZE1&sig=N-JqJlqy9nWLLv23HMnpDoI9s0Y&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjLramO3uzOAhVBEBQKHVAeCWAQ6AEILDAE#v=onepage&q=men%20lying%20nearly%20everywhere%20who%20were%20mortally%20wounded%2C%20whose%20heads%2C%20arms%2C%20and%20legs&f=false

page 266 prisoners (More here)

page 267 other redoubt (More here)

page 267 Fleming

page 268 covered way (More here)

page 269 opposition (More here)

page 269 You really should read it: here

page 270 ceased to resist (More here)

page 270 after-action report

page 270 Newton’s Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

page 270 CORNWALLIS (More here)

page 271 Ammunition totally (More here)

page 271 appropriate celebrations

page 271 Fleming’s Beat the Last Drum

page 271 Captain Stephen Olney’s account

page 271 forlorn hope

Chapter 35: Alexander and Eliza’s Wedding Cake, Revisited

page 272 link to a recipe

page 272 The Manuscript Cookbooks Survey

page 274 Leslie’s cookbook

page 274 The Practical Housekeeper

page 274 Manuscripts Cookbook Survey

Chapter 36: Yorktown: October 16-18, 1781

page 278 A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781

page 278 Popp’s Journal, 1777-1783

page 279 Fleming, Beat the Last Drum

page 279 drawing to a close (More here)

page 279 Popp’s Journal

page 279 Tarleton’s History

page 280 Military Journal of Major Ebenezer Denny

page 280 ate their breakfasts (More here)

page 281 the honour to be, &c. (More here)

page 281 you may propose (More here)

page 281 seige was ended (More here)

page 282 Popp’s Journal

page 282 important Event (More here)

page 283 honour to be, &c. (More here)

page 284 honour to be, &c. (More here)

page 285 tower of London (More here)

page 285 Commissioner (More here);view=1up;seq=33

page 286 A Hamilton (Letter here)

page 286 Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

Chapter 37: Yorktown: October 19, 1781, and the Aftermath

page 287 destination (More here)

page 288 Popp’s Journal

page 290 frequently broken (More here)

page 290 much in liquor (More here)

page 291 Revolutionary War Journal of Baron Ludwig von Closen

page 291 admit of Description (More here)

page 293 Johnston

page 294 one thousand (More here) w/8722

page 294 their countenances (More here)

page 295 all by name (More here)

page 297 still rejoicing (More here)

page 297 induced me to expect (More here)

page 298 Washington’s diary for 10/19/1781, at Library of Congress (p. 5)

page 298 public stores &c. (More here)

page 298 Articles of Capitulation

page 298 Cornwallis’s report

page 299 Johnston

page 300 Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years

page 300 Military Journal of Major Ebenezer Denny

page 300 Journal of Lt. William Feltman

page 300 Popp’s Journal

page 300 Thacher, Military Journal of the American Revolution

page 300 Tucker, Journal of the Siege of Yorktown

page 300 Tarleton’s History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781

page 300 Hamilton, letter of 10/12/1781

page 300 Hamilton, report of 10/15/1781

page 300 Hamilton, letter of 10/18/1781

page 300 Founders Archive

page 300 Johnston, The Yorktown Campaign

page 300 Lafayette, Memoirs

page 301 Johnston, The Yorktown Campaign

page 301 Plumb, narrative on Yorktown

page 301 Osborn, deposition

page 301 Tarleton, History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781

page 301 Trabue, Colonial Men and Times

page 301 United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps

Chapter 38: Yorktown: “The World Turned Upside Down”?

page 303 Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton

page 303 Fleming’s Beat the Drum

page 303 Hamilton: The Revolution

page 303 and the Puritans are here

page 303 poem was sung is here

page 304 British or German march (More here)

page 304 French or American march (More here)

page 305 Popp’s Journal

page 305 returned to town (More here)

page 305 between them (More here)

page 305 grounded their arms (More here)

page 306 Anecdotes of the American Revolution;view=1up;seq=7

page 306 “The world turned upside down” (More here);view=1up;seq=33

page 308 Schrader: retrieved from doi:1

page 308 Ward in American National Biography Online

page 308 Littel, “Major William Jackson”

page 308 American Review;view=1up;seq=437

page 309 Trudeau, “Music in the Continental Army”

page 309 “Hamilton Turns the World Upside Down”

Chapter 39A: Hamilton Back in New York, 1781-1782

page 311 Southern fatigues (More here)

page 311 echo of their officers (More here)

page 311 superior abilities & knowledge (see here)

page 312 A Hamilton (More here)

page 314 March 1782; more here

Chapter 39B: Yorktown, 235 Years Ago: Here Cannons Flash, Bombs Glance, and Bullets Fly

page 317 Stone, Our French Allies

Chapter 40: Hamilton Studies Law, 1782

page 318 my baby (More here)

page 318 Practical Proceedings

page 318 Founders Archives

page 319 Life of Hamilton

page 319 Wyche’s Supreme Court Practice

page 322 It’s Hamiltime

page 322 Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

page 322 of this nature (More here)

page 323 Doyle Galleries details

page 323 listed on Amazon

page 323 ViaLibri

Chapter 41: The State of the Union after Yorktown, 1782

page 325 difficult than ever (More here)

page 326 adopt his ideas (Here, n. 1)

page 326 aim of its policy (More here)

page 327 arguments that depend on philosophy

page 327 thy tranquillity (More here)

page 328 humble servant (More here)

page 330 matters in train (More here)

page 330 federal government (here)

page 330 left for me to do (More here)

page 330 circumstances will permit (More here)

page 330 published a statement

page 330 a full view of the situation

page 331 federal government (More here)

page 332 update to Morris 9/28/1782

page 332 update to Morris 10/5/1782

page 332 update to Morris 10/9/1782

page 332 publishing in the New York Packet

page 332 “On Studying History”

Chapter 42: John Laurens Dies in South Carolina, August 1782

page 334 as before (More here)

page 334 quoted by John C. Hamilton, here

page 335 Founder’s Archive notes

page 335 Yrs for ever A Hamilton (More here)

page 336 friend & ser A. Hamilton (More here)

page 337 arrival at Philadelphia (More here)

page 337 This collection of John’s letters

page 338 Hamilton: The Revolution

Chapter 43: How Does History Differ from Art?

page 339 Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America

page 341 Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan

page 341 Ayn Rand’s definition of art

page 341 Innovators in Sculpture

Chapter 44A: The Newburgh Mutiny, Spring 1783

page 342 told Richard Kidder Meade

page 342 Yr tender A H (More here)

page 342 on his account (More here)

page 343 Kent’s Memoirs

page 343 independant nation (More here)

page 343 Article 7 (More here)

page 344 Hatch, Administration of the Revolutionary Army, p. 149

page 344 Newburgh, N.Y.

page 344 fatal effects (Hatch, p. 150)

page 345 Hatch, p. 155,+furnish+pay+in+such+amounts+as+he+thought+proper;+and+that+the+States+should+be+recommended&source=bl&ots=9nq7F2BN7e&sig=EVbgBAmdkZADkRkUZh1Cep2fDQY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjjqIiB4KrQAhXGeCYKHa5pDqIQ6AEIHTAA

page 345 insufficiency of the confederation (More here)

page 346 power of Congress (More here)

page 346 Newton’s very persuasive post

page 348 correspond with their duty (More here)

page 349 may cooperate (More here)

page 349 policy to him (More here)

page 350 Yrs &c. GW (More here)

page 351 enemies any more (More here)

page 353 occasioned thereby (More here)

page 354 empire in blood (More here)

page 354 Shaw; more here

page 355 ruin of the army

page 355 on 3/25/1783

page 356 pretensions of the army (More here)

page 356 origin here (More here)

page 357 without delay (More here)

page 357 Continental politics (More here)

page 357 every proper occasion (More here)

page 358 really are futile (More here)

page 359 Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America

page 359 Rand Scholet

page 359 Michael Newton’s research

page 359 blog post

Chapter 44B: Hamilton and Company at 48 Wall Street

page 360 Museum of American Finance

page 360 N.C. Wyeth

page 360 Columbia Historical Portrait of New York

page 361 N.C. Wyeth

page 364 Angelsea Parkhurst Newman

page 364 Lehman College Art Gallery Site

page 364 Museum of American Finance

page 368 Encyclopedia of New York City

page 368 page on 48 Wall Street

page 368 Skyscraper Museum is here (search “48”)

page 368 “The Rise of Wall Street”

Chapter 45: Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography

page 369 Alexander Hamilton: A Brief Biography

Chapter 46: The Pennsylvania Mutiny, Summer 1783

page 371 Drudgery and Vexation (More here, n. 3)

page 372 public stipulations (More here)

page 373 true policy (More here)

page 373 in earnest (More here)

page 373 Entire text of the Trespass Act is here

page 375 to their posterity (More here)

page 375 for the better (More here)

page 376 this post by Michael Newton

page 377 sufficiently respected (More here)

page 377 Hamilton told John Jay

page 378 induced to return (More here)

page 378 A Hamilton (More here)

page 379 practice of the law (More here)

page 380 please and endear (More here)

page 380 Hamilton drafted a resolution

page 381 an address upon the subject (More here)

page 381 Annapolis Resolution is here

page 381 “New Light on the Philadelphia Mutiny of 1783”

page 381 “Reinterpreting the ‘Very Trifling Mutiny’ at Philadelphia in June 1783”

page 381 letter to Dickinson

Volume 2 of Alexander Hamilton: A Friend to America___
continues with the years 1783 to 1804 (Chapters 47-64).

Both volumes are companions to Alexander Hamilton:
A Brief Biography,___ which includes cross-references
to all the topics covered here.

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