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Writing for video and apps

Monuments of Manhattan app by Guides Who Know

Monuments of Manhattan app by Guides Who Know

“Creating the Monuments of Manhattan app” (interview with Marian Calabro for Freewrite ezine)

Interview on Monuments of Manhattan app (with Joseph Kellard in The Objective Standard)


Versaquill Copywriting Workbook

Versaquill Copywriting Workbook

VersaQuill Copywriting Workbook (Amazon CreateSpace) – A systematic way to generate ideas for copywriting, and to check what you’ve produced against accepted “best practices” of prominent copywriters from the last century or so. I pull this off the shelf every time I need to promote a new book or product.


Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing

Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing

Step-by-Step Kindle Publishing (Kindle) –  Geared toward those of us who would rather be writing books than writing computer code; an overview of the principles of ebook design, followed by step-by-step instructions arranged so you can easily find the parts that apply to your book.

Notes on Self-Publishing” –  My experiences with the benefits, hurdles, and expenses of self publishing.

Self-Publishing Checklist

Publishing Options: Comparison of Traditional Publishing, Print on Demand, and Ebooks

Sites I write for regularly (usually unsigned)

CorporateHistory.net (2010-2015) – After writing over a hundred evaluations of “About Us” pages for the Corporate History blog, I’m one of the world’s authorities on what works and what doesn’t.

Richard C. Ramer Old & Rare Books -Yes, I can make you lust after a 17th-century Portuguese law book priced at a couple thousand dollars.