Patreon images for Dianne L. Durante

Higher-res photos of images such as these, suitable for 8×10″ prints, will be available to my Patreon supporters at the $10 (and up) level. NOTE: These images are copyright. You may share them as long as the copyright information remains attached. You may not commercially distribute them without my written permission.

Augustus Saint Gaudens, Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, 1880. Madison Square Park, New York. Photo copyright (c) 2017 Dianne L. Durante

George V. Tsaras, Aristotle, 2008. Athens Square, Astoria, New York City. Photo copyright (c) 2017 Dianne L. Durante

Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, Statue of Liberty, 1883. Photo: copyright (c) 2008 Dianne L. Durante