Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges, Dawn

Every year my husband and I do an excursion to watch sunrise from the east end of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  Since that means arriving at least half an hour before official sunrise, we typically do it when the days are shortest, in December or January. This year we parked on Water St. near Bridge St. and walked north to south.

Here are the best of this year’s photos, all copyright © 2019 Dianne L. Durante.

Manhattan Bridge and Extell’s 71-story tower, under construction on the Lower East Side.
Manhattan Bridge, with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Financial District in the background.

Residential building under construction near the east end of the Manhattan Bridge.
Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.
Manhattan shoreline between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.
Main entrance to Empire Stores complex, just north of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Manhattan Bridge and the Extell tower from the top level of Empire Stores.
Manhattan Bridge and Extell tower, with the Williamsburg Bridge and dawn in the distance.
Brooklyn Bridge and the Financial District
Financial District from just south of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Financial District and Brooklyln Bridge.
Southern end of Manhattan, with the Statue of Liberty toward the left.
The City (or at least the Financial District) never sleeps, even on New Year’s Day at 7 a.m.!
Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Extell tower.
Manhattan Bridge, with Empire State Building visible through the lower arch.
Anchor at the east end of the Manhattan Bridge. For scale: the multi-colored lights are strung 8-9 feet high above picnic tables inside the arch.


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