Happy Hogmanay!

The Scots gave us “Hogmanay” (their name for the celebration of New Year’s Eve) and Robert Burns, whose version of a Scottish folk song, “Auld Lang Syne,” is popular from Times Square to Thailand. My favorite verse is the last one, which I’ve never heard sung:
And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!
and gie’s a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll tak’ a right gude-willie waught,
for auld lang syne.
And there’s a hand my trusty friend!
And give me a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.
As some clever person once said: “May the best of your past be the worst of your future.” Wishing the happiest of New Years to you all!

About Dianne L. Durante

I’m an independent scholar and freelance writer /lecturer on art and art history, with forays into food, history, politics, and publishing. My most recent projects are *Innovators in Sculpture¸* a survey of 5,000 years of art in two hours, and *Monuments of Manhattan,* a videoguide app by Guides Who Know that’s based on my book *Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide.*


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