Wrought Iron in New York

One of the things I love about New York is the way protection, in the form of gates, window guards, fences, etc., has been made gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite wrought-iron pieces.

South of Houston

Inside the former Bank of New York building, 48 Wall Street.

Wall Street.

Merchant’s House Museum, 29 East 4th Street. A wonderful small museum, with guides who tell great stories.

Photo copyright © 2017 Dianne L. Durante


Morgan Library.

Photo copyright © 2017 Dianne L. Durante

Beaux-Arts building.

Photo copyright © 2017 Dianne L. Durante

Upper East Side

Frick Collection.

Private houses.


Metropolitan Club, East 60th Street just off Fifth Avenue.

Upper West Side

Guard dragons at the Dakota, 72nd Street at Central Park West.

Central Park

The Vanderbilt Gate at the Conservatory Garden.

A bit further afield: Staten Island ….

Speaking of Vanderbilts … This lovely gate keeps those who are not family out of the Vanderbilt Cemetery, a private section of the Moravian Cemetery in Staten Island. The mausoleum is by Richard Morris Hunt, the grounds by Frederick Law Olmsted. They are quite thoroughly fenced in, although when the leaves have fallen, you can see the mausoleum in the distance.

This is the Mauseoleum, where weird things are said to happen, especially to suggestible teenagers.

Richard Morris Hunt, Vanderbilt Mauseoleum. Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island. Photo: Wikipedia

And Sleepy Hollow


  • All photos copyright © 2017 Dianne L. Durante.
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