Hamilton to take home with you (Hamilton 25)

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On Wednesday July 20, 2016, a bronze bust of Alexander Hamilton by Zenos Frudakis (a noted American sculptor) is coming up at auction in Philadelphia, at Freeman’s. I asked Zenos’s wife Rosalie, a long-time member of the ForgottenDelights / DianneDuranteWriter mailing list, if she could send me extra pics – the one I saw on the auction house’s website had some glare. This one’s much better.

Alexander Hamilton, by Zenos Frudakis. Photo: Zenos Frudakis

Alexander Hamilton, by Zenos Frudakis. Photo: Zenos Frudakis

See it on Zenos’s website here. A video, so you can get the full 3-D effect, is here.


While you’re on Zenos’s site, have a look at his Freedom, which I adore, and which is all by itself a reason to visit Philadelphia (16th and Vine, 20 feet long by 8 feet high). Details here.

Zenos Frudakis, Freedom. 16th & Vine Sts., Philadelphia. Photo: Zenos Frudakis.

Zenos Frudakis, Freedom. 16th & Vine Sts., Philadelphia. Photo: Zenos Frudakis.


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